Spring is about to be Sprung 😆

Ahhhh, what a ride this year has been 😍 so much is happening behind the scenes as we come up on our one year anniversary of Happy Vibes Clothing! Change is around the corner and I’m anxiously awaiting the time to share everything new!

I started my small shop with a BIG dream behind it..and here we are almost one Full year later and everything is manifesting just as I planned! I have so much to be thankful for and that includes all of you who support Happy Vibes and continue to share the love ❤️


I wanted to take a minute to tell you that our Print To Order album is retiring at the end of the month. 3/31 (early in the day) will be your last chance to order any tees or joggers from that collection! 

I may or may not carry any of those designs again in the future! So don’t miss out if you’ve been wanting a particular tee! Remember that shipping is free and Sezzle is an option at checkout 🤗 ask me more about Sezzle if you have questions! 

One of my biggest goals for 2021 is to have my inventory completely ready to ship! I’ll be launching new collections and new arrivals once my store is 100% loaded up! 

Last year around this time when I started my small t-shirt shop, I had no clue that a year later I would be in a completely new city with a different business plan moving forward. All of the changes at the end of last year were unexpected but they have all been complete blessings. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best part of Happy Vibes Clothing! I appreciate you more than you know ✨


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